Črni Kastavac

This documentary film directed by Igor Modrić gives a biographical insight into the life of the cosmopolitan, nomad, musician, fantastic bluesman and ‘rambler’ Jerry Ricks. The American from Philadelphia, who spent the last period of his life in the town of Kastav, couldn’t have imagined that a memorial blues festival established in his honour, would last for ten years and successfully promote not only the town of Kastav and its surroundings, but also the whole Kvarner region and even Croatia.

This movie, portrait of an art form that effortlessly breaks down all barriers, features numerous friends, acquaintances, and colleagues of Jerry, but also many prominent musicians from all over the world who have visited Kastav and its Blues Festival because of him, and who continue to do so. Michael Roach, Bonnie Dobson, Michael Messer, Duck Baker, Tommy Emmanuel, and Woody Mann are just a few of the witnesses of the unforgettable musical journey of the ‘’Black Kastavian’’.

S Bluesom Prema Jugu / Goin’ Down South

Boris Hrepić Hrepa is a cinematographer, author, editor and director of the movie Goin’ Down South. He is also the co-founder of the Croatian band Daleka obala, being the only band member to have played at every one of their concerts. It is less known that he started his career as a cinematographer while still in the band, and took part in making the music videos for the songs 80-e, Slatko and Ruzinavi brod.

The 33rd International Blues Challenge was held in Memphis at the beginning of February 2017 and Croatia was the only European country which had a representative in the Youth category. This documentary speaks about the history of the music of the American South and takes the viewer on a journey through Atlanta, Macon and Memphis all the way to Clarksdale in Mississippi and its mythical Crossroads.